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A House Demolition Vancouver Guide for Homeowners

10 Jan 2021 Demolition

While house demolition Vancouver is a relatively simple and straightforward process, it can be challenging and intimidating for any homeowner doing it for the very first time. There are a variety of factors you should take into account before going on this journey of demolishing property and rebuilding from the ground up.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind.

Determine the Type of Demolition You Want

There isn’t just one way to demolish a home. First and foremost, you should be clear on the forms of house demolition and which one would be best suited for your situation.

Mechanical Demolition

The most common type of demolition is mechanical in which hydraulic excavators and heavy machinery tear down the structure. The debris is then loaded onto big trailers and taken away. This is the cheapest way to tear down a house, costing anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the square footage of the property.


When homes are deconstructed, they are broken down by hand manually. This way of demolishing a home ensures that every part of the home is salvaged and set aside to later be categorized for recycling or reuse. Homeowners can reuse as many materials as possible in this way. Although you save money on renovation and construction costs, it tends to balance out because it’s a more expensive way of demolishing. It takes longer and costs twice as much as mechanical demolition.

To learn more about local bylaws regarding deconstruction, click here.

Selective Demolition

This type of demolition includes removing only specific parts of a building. This can be ideal in older homes where only a part of it is durable enough to get remodelled, or in older heritage homes where parts of it have to be removed and rebuilt to fit with the rest of the structure.

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is when the interior parts of a building have to be demolished, but the exterior structure must keep its shape. For example, homeowners might choose to remove things like walls, ceilings, beams and partitions.

Why is Professional Demolition so Important?

Bringing a building down must be done with the utmost skill, knowledge and accuracy. Whether the structure is large or small, it takes industry experts to safely demolish structures while also abiding by local bylaws and health and safety laws.

If you’re looking for a professional house demolition Vancouver company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.