Asbestos Abatement Vancouver

Fortunately today in many countries we know how dangerous asbestos is, but currently other countries continue to produce, export and use it. On the other hand, in the countries where it has been banned, we have still found some products with this dangerous mineral.

In the US, where it is prohibited, the first cases of lung cancer have already occurred among the personnel who participated in the rescue of the 9/11 attacks, due to the spraying of 1000 tons of this material used to build the Twin Towers in 1968.

Countries of South America such as Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Argentina or the Dominican Republic are included within the 75 countries where asbestos has been banned. The same is true in Canada. The use of asbestos has long been banned and the government and old houses homeowners are doing the best they can for asbestos abatement. British Columbia deals with the same problem, specifically Vancouver where the large concentration of homeowners of beautiful old houses. Thus, if you are one of those who are currently dealing with the asbestos problem, you need to reach out an asbestos abatement professional in Vancouver to solve the problem.

Asbestos was installed in Mexico in the 40s. In the last 50 years, it has exported more than half a million tons of asbestos while also allowing the manufacture of waterproofing, seals, paletas and packaging to more than 180 companies.

The World Health Organization warns that there is no safe level of exposure. In countries that have banned asbestos, the disposal of any waste should be done by specialized professionals and according to detailed protocols.

In Mexico, 21 homes out of 100 have asbestos roofs, and 1 in 100 have asbestos or bamboo walls.

In Colombia, asbestos is produced in large quantities and in 2007 it was the sixth country with more production of this mineral worldwide. In addition, this country also markets many products that contain it, mainly tiles, sheets, clutch discs, brake bands, brake blocks, brake pads, cords, fabrics, tapes, thermal insulation, gaskets, paper and industrial cardboard.

In the last few years, we have also been able to find products imported from China into European countries with asbestos. They have been entering these countries with certificates issued by the Chinese authorities with false declarations assuring that the product is not harmful and have been complied with European regulations.

In the US, Claire’s makeup products have also been found with this mineral, and it has been quickly removed. A product of Nickelodeon crayons, Disney crayons, and other crayons from Saban and Amscan were found in 2015 with asbestos remains, as well as a toy for kids of EduScience and Inside Intelligence.

But the most famous case last year was the Johnson and Johnson case, they have been accused and condemned for using asbestos in the baby’s talc and has caused ovarian cancer to 22 women. A jury in Missouri has condemned the brand to pay the affected 4690 million dollars.

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