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A List of Asbestos Containing Materials – Asbestos Removal Vancouver

6 Feb 2019 Asbestos

Over time, asbestos containing materials have been reduced more and more as people and world organizations are learning about its harmful effects. Up until the 1980’s, most asbestos-containing products were halted in production and replaced with safer alternative materials. Older appliances, toys or stationary collecting dust in your basement could potentially contain asbestos, and it is important to know and identify these items so you can safely have a professional like BC Green utilize asbestos removal Vancouver to dispose of them using proper caution and government regulations.

because it is virtually indestructible and completely fireproof, asbestos was used in the production of countless items to protect them from catching fire or being affected by heat. Its strong fibres are incredibly durable, able to also resist acids and friction. Products that included asbestos (and are still being used today in some circumstances) include those from the industrial, building, automotive and maritime industries, as well as kids’ toys and stationary products.

Here is a list of some items potentially containing asbestos:


  • piping
  • boilers
  • HVAC duct insulation
  • sprayed-in insulation
  • thermal paper insulation
  • electrical wiring

Fireproofing Products

  • acoustical plaster
  • decorative plaster
  • textured paint
  • fire-proof blankets
  • fire-proof curtains
  • fire-proof doors

Textile & Cloth

  • fire-proof blankets
  • gloves
  • thread
  • cord
  • yarn

Spackling & Patching

  • taping compounds
  • putty
  • caulking
  • adhesives
  • tape (old scotch tape)
  • thermal taping compounds

Gaskets & Packings

  • high temperature gaskets
  • high pressure packing
  • steel-wire-reinforced packing materials
  • packing for other industrial products

Tiles, Siding, Roofing

  • shingles
  • roofing
  • felt
  • cement siding
  • vinyl floor tiles
  • sheet flooring
  • vinyl wall coverings
  • ceiling tiles
  • lay-in panels
  • cement wallboard

Friction Materials

  • railroad breaks
  • clutches in automotive industry

Home Appliances

  • hair dryers
  • toasters
  • irons
  • crock pots
  • popcorn poppers
  • scotch tape

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