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The Asbestos Dumping Problem

The Asbestos Dumping Problem


Unlicensed and careless individuals continue to put their own lives and the lives of others in jeopardy by failing to take the adequate asbestos abatement removal steps to prevent both the exposure to and spread of asbestos fibres. The illegal dumping of asbestos has become a big problem. Irresponsible parties neglect to safely dispose of the hazardous materials such as asbestos-containing drywall and other household materials. The asbestos dumping problem would have a negative environmental impact and can put people at risk of serious health problems.

Why Asbestos Disposal Vancouver ?

In the past few years, stricter regulations were implemented by WorkSafeBC to ensure all drywall materials coming into the recycling facility are free of asbestos for the safety of the employees and the public. This is an initiative of the government to control the asbestos disposal problem that has been going on for years. However, there are still irresponsible homeowners and contractors deciding to forego paying for safe removal of hazardous wastes, and instead choosing to dump illegally. Asbestos environmental regulations are becoming more strict across the country. That means that both workers and the public will be better protected against asbestos exposure. Some people simply may not be aware of the risks associated with asbestos waste and the special legislative requirements relating to its handling, storage and transport. These special requirements also may have been deliberately ignored to save time and cost.


Properly carrying out asbestos abatement process is important because asbestos fibers are hazardous when inhaled as they can be released into the air for hours when the products are either incorrectly handled, stored or transported for disposal. People exposed to asbestos-contaminated air can inhale the fibers. If the asbestos dumping problem continues, it is only a matter of time when common respiratory problems and other  chronic health problems or even death becomes prevalent.



BC Green Construction and Demolition continuously  dispose of the hazardous materials in compliance with the Ministry of Environment regulations. Our asbestos disposal Vancouver  team is dedicated to the proper removal and disposal of asbestos in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. When asbestos regulations tightened, it became more expensive to process waste. That’s why unlicensed operators take the cheap and illegal route of dumping. An experienced and licensed contractor like us is your assurance that asbestos containing waste will be contained and disposed of properly and legally to protect employees and the public. Only a trained asbestos abatement contractor should do and remove large quantities of asbestos. They will also be responsible for the disposal of the asbestos. If you’re unsure of how to properly dispose of materials in your home or workplace, call us today.