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4 Things You Should Know About Asbestos – Asbestos Handling Vancouver

26 Sep 2020 Asbestos

Although the use of asbestos has been eliminated, it still exists in older buildings and is highly dangerous if disturbed. It’s critical that if you suspect asbestos in your home, you contact a professional asbestos abatement company like BC Green for asbestos handling Vancouver.

1. For Starters, There Are 6 Different Types of Asbestos:

  • Chrysotile: The safest and most common type of asbestos.
  • Amosite: Brown asbestos, being the second most dangerous for inhalation.
  • Crocidolite: The most dangerous asbestos type, consisting of blue straight fibers.
  • Tremolite: Can be clear as well as different colors, causing a range of health issues.
  • Anthophyllite: Comes in brown, grey, and shades of white.
  • Actinolite: High in iron content, making it appear green. It has minimal commercial use.

2. Asbestos Use Wasn’t Just Limited to Housing Development, Roofing & Insulation

While we are all too familiar with asbestos’ popular use in the construction of homes, roofing, and insulation, it was also used in a wide variety of unexpected places.

It was common for it to be found in:

  • Fake snow – The fake snow in the Wizard of Oz was actually asbestos.
  • Christmas ornaments – The crystallized effect in some ornaments is actually due to asbestos.
  • Toothpaste – Toothpaste made during the 30s contained asbestos.
  • Children’s products – Kids’ toys, kids’ makeup, and other products regularly contained asbestos.

3. Asbestos Causes Different Health Issues & Diseases

Asbestos can negatively affect people’s health in a variety of ways, usually taking effect years and years after exposure. Miners, firefighters, and those working in house demolition are amongst the highest risk group. Asbestos can cause autoimmune diseases as well as the commonly known asbestosis and mesothelioma.

4. Asbestos Still Isn’t Banned Worldwide

In China, asbestos is still mined and used in many countries around the world, with workers being exposed to it on a regular basis. View which countries have banned asbestos, here.

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