Asbestos Health Effects

Asbestos Health Effects

We all know asbestos causes devastating diseases like Asbestosis or Mesothelioma, a very aggressive type of cancer. People who worked with this type of material are generally more prone to suffer from these diseases, as well as those who have been exposed to this through their clothing. Mesothelioma remains the top occupational cancer in Canada. Learn the harmful asbestos health effects to your body so that you will always take an extra measure to avoid them.

Strangely today, the United States remains one of the few first-world nations without a clear prohibition of asbestos, along with countries such as China, Russia or India.

In 2016, the EPA decided to include asbestos in an investigation of several known toxic substances, with the idea of ​​potentially prohibiting those chemical products that are harmful to health. The EPA suffered a huge budget cut by the Trump administration so the asbestos issue remained in the air.

Only a few days ago, Andrew Wheeler, an ex-Congress advisor, who had been running the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since the resignation of his controversial predecessor, received the approval of President Donald Trump on Friday to occupy the post permanently.

There is ample evidence showing that the Trump EPA is cooking the books to allow some of the most hazardous chemicals in existence to remain in use, putting millions of people at further risk of exposure- said Scott Faber, EWG Senior Vice President for Government Affairs. ‘The mission of the EPA is to protect human health and the environment, not the profits of the chemical industry,’ Faber added.

Wheeler appears to be laying the groundwork for the agency to find that asbestos is safe and should remain legal. However, most people still believe that asbestos harmful effects are real and that it is hardly noticeable because it does not manifest immediately.

Linda Reinstein, President at Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, (founded by asbestos victims and their families in 2004), has said:

“Wheeler’s actions as Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not demonstrated the quality of leadership needed to assume the responsibility of the Agency’s Administrator. As a former coal lobbyist, we are deeply concerned that Wheeler will not put public health and our environment above corporate polluters. Americans deserve a champion who will implement and enforce the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform and an EPA Administrator who is accountable to the public, not industry. ”

To add to this news, since 5 days ago, a landslide in Washington state has caused elevated asbestos levels in an Abbotsford river that winds through some of B.C.’s best farmland.

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