History of Asbestos

The History of Asbestos

31 May 2018 Asbestos

The History of Asbestos

The history of asbestos dates all the way back to the middle ages, when it was used for fireproofing a variety of materials.

Due to its incredible fireproofing properties, asbestos became essential to insulating homes during the 1940’s. It was also used in industries like the automotive, chemical and construction industries. After it became known that it had harmful effects to health,  the use was being stopped. Until now, major efforts are still ongoing for asbestos abatement on old buildings from the 1940’s all across Canada.

Asbestos in the Middle Ages

During 755, King Charlemagne of France and his team were inventive in fashioning creative uses for asbestos and implementing it into everyday life. They used a tablecloth made from asbestos which was used during celebrations in the castle because fires happened so frequently, from candles and fire torches for light. This led it to be used for a variety of other purposes like to wrap dead bodies, clothes for cremation and wicks in lamps.


Asbestos in the 1700’s

During the 1700’s, they were fashioning items from asbestos far and wide. From the asbestos purse owned by Benjamin Franklin (on display at the London Natural History Museum), to manufactured fireproof paper and clothing.


Asbestos in the 1800’s

By the time the 1800’s rolled around, asbestos was being used in bank notes in Italy to protect them from burning or accidental fires. The 1800’s is when the asbestos industry began to boom, and it was being used everywhere. From steam engines, to ovens and insulation material for buildings, its resistance to fire and electricity made it ideal.


Asbestos in the 1900’s

By the 1900’s, the health concerns surrounding asbestos became known, but it didn’t stop its manufacturing and use. It was cheap, served a wide variety of purposes in many different industries. It was being used in thermal insulation, cement, roofing, insulation for buildings, packing materials, and fire retardants. It was even found in some children’s toys and Scotch tape.


Now, there are strict bans, guidelines and regulations regarding asbestos, including the safe disposal of it if asbestos removal is underway.


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