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Asbestos-Laced Christmas Decorations – Asbestos Removal Vancouver

22 Oct 2019 Asbestos

Asbestos was considered an essential part of insulation for residential buildings, houses, libraries, schools and countless other structures due to its incredible fire-resistant properties. It was lighter, stronger and much more durable than other fire-resistant compounds so it was used in bricks, concrete, furniture, boilers, engines, and it was even mixed in with various plastics and resins. An asbestos removal Vancouver company like BC Green can help you dispose of your items safely and without additional risk.

Unexpectedly, it was also used in holiday decorations and fake snow. It was light, crystalline and gave decorations and the interior of homes a festive, snowy look. 

How to Identify Asbestos-Containing Christmas Decorations

Most of us have old Christmas decorations passed down from generations, and if they were manufactured between the 1930s and 1950s, it’s very possible that they are laced with asbestos. If truly containing asbestos, the decorations will have a frosted, rough texture that looks crystalline. If you aren’t sure, set the box aside without touching or disturbing the decorations and have an asbestos removal Vancouver professional take a look at them.

What to Do If You Identify Asbestos in Your Decorations

If you have identified old asbestos-containing decorations or fake snow in your home, make sure to call your local council or a professional asbestos removal Vancouver professional to take a look and properly identify them.

If there is fake snow sprinkled all over old boxes or decorations, these items have been compromised and should be removed immediately. It’s important to not disturb them any further in order to make sure these fibres don’t enter your lungs. If some of these old ancestral decorations are of vital sentimental importance to you, you can have them lab-tested to confirm the presence of asbestos so they can be removed. If you are suspecting they do contain asbestos, it’s best to just discard them completely.

How to Throw Away Asbestos-Containing Decorations

Discarding asbestos-laced decorations or items isn’t something that should be attempted. Contact a local asbestos removal Vancouver company like BC Green so they can arrive at your home and safely discard these items without exposing your family to the asbestos fibres. You can find more information on the Canadian asbestos website.

If you suspect your Christmas decorations may contain asbestos, get in touch with us so we can assess them, get them tested if needed, and safely discard them without risk to your family and loved ones.