Coquitlam Asbestos Removal


Asbestos refers to a group of 6 types of minerals that are naturally occurring and known for being incredibly resistant to heat, fire and electricity. It was widely used as an insulator in newly built homes, buildings and protective gear between the 1940’s and 1980’s. Nowadays there are a wide variety of old asbestos-containing items, such as kid’s toys and tape, left over during the years it was popular for use in manufacturing. Parents should take extra caution when letting their kids play with old toys from the attic. If you suspect materials containing asbestos, an asbestos abatement or removal service in Coquitlam is only a call away.

Client satisfaction is our top priority at BC Green Construction and Demolition, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality, safest results with every single project we take on. We will handle every step of asbestos abatement steps safely and efficiently, in compliance with all WorkSafeBC OHS Regulations without sacrificing our competitive pricing or quality of work.

Facts about asbestos:

  • Asbestos is a highly toxic material that can cause mesothelioma, a deadly lung cancer.
  • It causes many types of respiratory cancers and conditions when inhaled/exposed.
  • Asbestos microscopic fibres enter the lungs and settle onto the tissues.
  • Asbestos is tasteless and odorless, staying undetected unless special tests are performed.
  • Found in many old items manufactured items between the 1940’s and 1980’s.
  • You can live or work in a home/building containing asbestos for years and not know it.


Symptoms to these diseases occur decades after exposure, which is why it is vital that you take action now if you suspect you have asbestos in your home.  If you are unsure, it is always better to be safe and call our team to inspect and test your home in Coquitlam.


We look forward to providing a responsive, safe, and cost-effective solution to residential and commercial clients in Coquitlam that align with all asbestos abatement requirements and standards.