Maple Ridge Asbestos Removal


Maple Ridge is becoming an increasingly popular place for people to choose to live in in the Greater Vancouver area. Many new homeowners in Maple Ridge have bought homes and then realized that there may be asbestos in their homes. Asbestos is an awful building material, and with the number of old houses in Maple Ridge, asbestos continues to be the problem. If you have just purchased a home and suspect that there may be asbestos-containing items, BC Green Construction & Demolition is here to help. We do asbestos abatement and removal service in all of Maple Ridge areas.

It is vital to remove asbestos as it is known to cause a number of different cancers.  It kills on average 10,000 people a year. Symptoms of these diseases occur decades only after exposure. It is something that you can easily detect on the surface. It is often mixed with other construction materials and that makes it even more hardly detectable. So, never take anything for granted. Always ensure the safety and health of all your loved ones.  Take an appropriate action now to find out if asbestos has been around your home through the years. Hire an expert for asbestos testing. Once its presence is determined,  asbestos abatement  should only be done by qualified and trained professionals. BC Green Construction and Demolition team is able to quickly and efficiently find and remove all remnants of asbestos without endangering you or your family’s health.  If you are unsure, it is always better to be safe and call BC Green to inspect and test your Maple Ridge home or office We will efficiently conduct asbestos abatement safely, and of course in compliance with all WorkSafeBC OHS Regulations without sacrificing our competitive pricing or quality of work.

Call BC Green today and request a free quote for asbestos abatement.