asbestos-containing holiday products

5 Asbestos-Containing Holiday Products You Probably Own

29 Nov 2019 Asbestos

As fun as it may be to bring out old holiday decorations, toys, and other nostalgic artifacts, it can also pose dangers. We all know about the classic dangers that Christmas time can bring, like being careful with real Christmas trees indoors, Christmas lights overheating and posing dangers, but nobody ever talks about asbestos-containing holiday products you probably own. You know, the ones that are buried in boxes in your basement that you bring out every year? Or maybe you haven’t brought it out in a while, and are excited to this year.

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house demolition vancouver

Are House Demolition Vancouver Projects Feasible During Winter?

11 Nov 2019 Demolition

With winter coming up, most people are preparing their wardrobes, decorating their houses and getting into the holiday spirit while others are putting their renovation projects to a halt, but is it really necessary?

Usually, no, but it also depends on the company completing your project and on the scale of your project. There is no reason why the colder temperatures should stop you from completing all of your renovation or demolition projects, especially if there is a particularly warmer period without any snowstorms.

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asbestos removal vancouver

Asbestos-Laced Christmas Decorations – Asbestos Removal Vancouver

22 Oct 2019 Asbestos

Asbestos was considered an essential part of insulation for residential buildings, houses, libraries, schools and countless other structures due to its incredible fire-resistant properties. It was lighter, stronger and much more durable than other fire-resistant compounds so it was used in bricks, concrete, furniture, boilers, engines, and it was even mixed in with various plastics and resins. An asbestos removal Vancouver company like BC Green can help you dispose of your items safely and without additional risk.

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vancouver asbestos removal

How Wintertime and the Holidays Increase Asbestos Exposure – Vancouver Asbestos Removal

18 Sep 2019 Asbestos

Wintertime represents the holidays – family, friends, good company and good food. Unfortunately, it can also mean increased exposure to asbestos without even realizing it. Asbestos exposure doesn’t always come about from renovations, it can also sneak up in the most hidden ways! If you are concerned your home could contain asbestos, Vancouver asbestos removal is the best way to ensure your home is one hundred percent asbestos-free.

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family safe from asbestos

Keep Your Family Safe From Asbestos

27 Feb 2019 Asbestos

How to Keep Your Family Safe From Asbestos

From the 1940’s to the 1980’s, asbestos was widely used to fireproof certain products, and in the insulation of buildings and car parts. Since then, many cities and property owners have taken initiative to demolish asbestos-containing buildings for the safety of residents, and replace insulation with safer materials. Although this is a significant step forward in order to keep your family safe from asbestos, there are still many products and buildings that contain asbestos. 

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History of Asbestos

The History of Asbestos

31 May 2018 Asbestos

The History of Asbestos

The history of asbestos dates all the way back to the middle ages, when it was used for fireproofing a variety of materials.

Due to its incredible fireproofing properties, asbestos became essential to insulating homes during the 1940’s. It was also used in industries like the automotive, chemical and construction industries. After it became known that it had harmful effects to health,  the use was being stopped. Until now, major efforts are still ongoing for asbestos abatement on old buildings from the 1940’s all across Canada.

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asbestos in old house, Asbestos Substitute Materials

Asbestos Substitute Materials

10 May 2018 Asbestos

Asbestos Substitute Materials


Asbestos gained its widespread use decades past because of its affordability and accessibility for household use. However, as it was found out that the benefits of its use outweighs the health hazards it can give, major actions were immediately taken to remove asbestos from every household.  Vancouver is still heavily undergoing asbestos abatement activities as there are many nice old houses all over Canada. Since asbestos has some useful uses at home, have you ever wondered what can be some asbestos substitute materials one can have? It has to be entirely non-toxic and safe to use in residential homes, as well as commercial and strata buildings.

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Asbestos in Makeup

Asbestos Found in Makeup for Teens

19 Apr 2018 Asbestos

Asbestos Found in Makeup for Teens


Claire’s is a popular retail chain that markets its products to children and teens. In 2017, a mother sent her daughter’s makeup palette she received as a gift to a laboratory. The results confirmed that asbestos was found in makeup for teens. It came back positive for tremolite asbestos which is a carcinogen. A similar company to Claire’s had also had their products pulled from shelves after a similar issue with asbestos being found in some of their makeup kits.

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holiday items containing asbestos

Holiday Items Containing Asbestos

22 Dec 2017 Asbestos

Holiday Items Containing Asbestos

The holidays are a beautiful time to be spending with your family and loved ones. You don’t want to ruin the fun and memories that come with it. We buy gifts to our kids and loved ones for them to feel valued and appreciated. However, unbeknownst to us, asbestos  can be hiding in some holiday items and decorations. Decorations are usually staying up for months at a time, and if these decorations are indoors, can cause health issues. Asbestos isn’t used in new holiday decorations, however, a lot of the old decorations from the 1940’s – 1980’s do, as it was a popular, durable and cheap material to use for insulation.

So be careful when bringing out the dusty old box of holiday decorations passed down from generations, hiding in your attic.

Electric Blankets

Asbestos was often used in electric blankets as a way to provide insulation, keep in warmth, and provide fire resistance. If you know your old electric blanket was manufactured during the 1940’s – 1980’s, it is best to replace it with a new one for yourself and your family.

Fireproof Gloves

Similar to electric blankets, fireproof gloves used to contain asbestos due to its insulation and fire-resistant properties many years ago. If you find any of these older versions lying around the house and suspect they could be from that time period, it is a great idea o replace them with new ones.


Adhesives during the 20th century used to contain asbestos due to its heat and fire resistance, as well as its ability to create a strong bond to many surfaces. It is best to be careful with old tape you still have in that old box of decorations or toolbox.

Hot Plates and Popcorn Machines

Once again, due to its ability to resist high heat and fire, asbestos was regularly used in appliances requiring heat. This included popcorn poppers, crock pots, and hot places. It was used as an insulator from wires and heating elements.

If you suspect you may have any of these items in your home, make sure to dispose of them right away. Likewise, if you’re quite sure some areas of your home are contaminated, call our BC Construction and Demolition asbestos abatement team and we will make sure to bring your home back to safety.

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