Burnaby Asbestos Removal


Burnaby is one of the cities in British Columbia that is a popular choice for home buyers.  The city enjoys a better standard of living, easy access to public transport, culturally-rich demographics, and a multitude of nice old houses and buildings. Needless to say, most of these structures were built when asbestos materials were widely used for building and construction. As we all know, the presence of asbestos in homes is a health hazard to everyone. At present, we take on the challenge of successfully and safely completing asbestos removal Burnaby to make homeowners’ life worry-free and healthy once again.

The asbestos abatement process requires thorough knowledge and experience. When handled improperly, asbestos removal Burnaby of such a hazardous material can induce serious health problems. With this said, it is not advised that you take on the task of asbestos removal Burnaby yourself.  At BC Green Construction and Demolition, we have a team of experts that can successfully and safely eliminate this material in no time. Our team strictly follows the steps and implements the codes and standards of asbestos removal Burnaby.

Over the years, we have maintained our reputation to be one of the trusted companies in the field. Since then, we have safely completed Burnaby asbestos removal in a number of homes, ensuring their health. It can be quite difficult to find the homes in need of asbestos abatement because asbestos is hard to detect. Likewise, to make asbestos abatement happen, the homeowner must first be aware that it is a health hazard and a problem that has to be addressed quickly. If asbestos is in your insulation, ceiling tiles, or flooring, it is vital that you will have it removed by experts before it starts taking a toll on your health.

 At BC Green Construction & Demolition, we are incredibly proud to bring efficient, responsive and innovative solutions to our clients’ Burnaby asbestos removal needs, cleaning, and decontamination needs for residential, commercial, and municipal buildings. We work efficiently without compromising the quality of the services we deliver. We want you to get back to your most important engagements in the comfort of your home with minimal interruption.

 Through our sincere dedication to our work, our company has become an established leader in asbestos removal Burnaby, British Columbia