Asbestos Exposure

Ways to Prevent Asbestos Exposure 

Ways to Prevent Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a harmful material, but it might be hiding all around you. If you inhale asbestos, you are at risk for mesothelioma, a condition where symptoms only shows in 20 to 50 years later. Here are the ways to prevent  asbestos exposure  to  keep ourselves and our families safe. More so, if you are currently dealing with getting rid of it from your home, it is advised to call an asbestos abatement professional to properly to the task. In the meantime, let’s see asbestos exposure prevention in each place close to our lives!

At Work

In the early 1970’s, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) decided how much asbestos is acceptable at workplaces. However, according to the report in 2015, many workplaces exceeded the regulation placed by OSHA, because some employers didn’t do anything for asbestos exposure prevention. That’s why it’s essential for employees to protect your safe workplaces and health by themselves. Here are the steps which can help you ensure asbestos exposure prevention.

  1. Talk about asbestos risks with your employer, and ask if the building contains it.
  2. Don’t handle asbestos-containing materials.
  3. Put on clothes which protect you against asbestos when your task might include disturbing asbestos.
  4. Don’t take your work clothes which might have asbestos , to your home.

If your home is contaminated, it is best to speak to professionals like BC Green about asbestos exposure prevention, and seek their help in safely and effectively removing it.

At Home

Unfortunately, many houses built before 1980 may include asbestos, and it is very difficult to recognize if your home has asbestos or not. See the following helpful tips in order to apply asbestos exposure prevention steps  at home.

  1. Conform if your home has asbestos by talking with a home inspector or real estate agent.
  2. Don’t do renovations by yourself, if your house is old.
  3. Check if any of your products have asbestos.
  4. Always ask professionals to remove asbestos when you find it in your products or at home.

One of the safest ways to prevent  asbestos exposure at home is by using the help of an asbestos abatement professional.  An asbestos when disturbed and got released in the air can become toxic and dangerous to your health.

We hope our asbestos exposure prevention tips helped you in recognizing the red flags, and learning how to appropriately and safely handle them. Contact our BC Green Construction and Demolition team for a free estimate of our asbestos abatement solution.