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Where Asbestos Hides in Commercial Buildings – Asbestos Removal Vancouver

5 May 2020 Asbestos

Asbestos can be found nearly everywhere, from schools, universities and residential homes to children’s toys and Christmas decorations, but how about commercial buildings? Because it’s highly heat-resistant, asbestos was widely used as a trusted building material in many office buildings as a way to fireproof many parts of the structure. These same buildings now require asbestos removal Vancouver to be deemed safe for its workers and guests.

The downfall to this aside from the obvious health risks is the fact that people spend countless hours in commercial buildings while they’re working. Being something like a second-home, commercial buildings should be safe for its workers and provide a place of clean air and low health risks.

So, where exactly is asbestos found in commercial buildings?

Generally, it can be found almost anywhere, but some common places where asbestos could lurk include any areas of the structure that could get hot. Asbestos was the perfect material to fireproof fixtures like hot water tanks, water pipes and other piping, flooring, roofs, the walls (as insulation) and the ceilings. Because it was used in wet and warm areas, basements are oftentimes the culprits in asbestos contamination in residential homes as well as the lower levels of commercial buildings where boiler rooms are located.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Vancouver

We offer commercial asbestos removal Vancouver for any businesses looking to get their properties tested and decontaminated. When it comes to decontaminating your building, we comply with the strictest government laws and regulations. We follow specific cleaning procedures as our work mustn’t release asbestos particles into the air and any asbestos-containing materials and other hazardous waste must be disposed of properly.

Some things you can do before starting the process of decontaminating your building are:

  • Notify your employees of the presence of asbestos
  • Identify the person in charge of asbestos-related procedure in the building
  • Hire a licensed, reliable and certified asbestos removal Vancouver company

If you are looking to get your building tested for asbestos contamination, get in touch with us. We have decades of experience decontaminating commercial buildings just like yours safely, affordably and quickly with minimal interruption to your work.