Making the Most of Your Demolition Vancouver: Creating an Outdoor Living Space

30 Oct 2020 Demolition

Maybe your home contained asbestos and you decided to demolish it and start from scratch or perhaps you’re demolishing a home to flip it. But now that it’s all done, what now? When you live in a house, making the most of the space you have after demolition Vancouver, should include an outdoor living space. Whether you lived an exhausting and terrifying experience after discovering your home contained asbestos or never had a designated, well-landscaped backyard, now’s the time to have a dedicated space to call your own.

What are the benefits of demolition Vancouver?

  • The opportunity to build the custom home of your dreams
  • 100% clearance of hazardous materials as you get to start from scratch
  • High safety standards
  • Protection for structures you want to keep
  • Protection from hazardous materials
  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • More efficient than doing it yourself

And now that your demolition is complete with the help of our demolition Vancouver services, what now?

Customize Your Space

Custom-tailor your outdoor space around what you love doing. Do you love barbecuing? Our experts can advise you on the fire-resistant materials that are best to use instead of the hazardous material asbestos you just got rid of. Do you love having get-togethers? Then design your space to have an engaging and open area for a big table and garden.

Design Around the Surroundings

Your space should reflect its surroundings. This helps you to avoid neighbourhoods that aren’t too keen on change, as well as to avoid costly homeowners association fees.

Stay Within Proportion

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in terms of design when you first see your land empty and without a house. You have to now envision a home there, the location of a backyard and multiple other factors. Design your outdoor area to reflect the amount of space you’re working with, not granting too much square footage for a backyard while not leaving it too small.

Build a Private Oasis

The best part about starting from scratch is the chance to have a space of your own that reflects your lifestyle and the backyard you’ve always dreamed of having. This is your time to give yourself everything you’ve wanted in a home and have a private backyard where you can unwind at the end of the day.

Want to learn more about our demolition Vancouver services? Get in touch with us to get started.