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How Wintertime and the Holidays Increase Asbestos Exposure – Vancouver Asbestos Removal

18 Sep 2019 Asbestos

Wintertime represents the holidays – family, friends, good company and good food. Unfortunately, it can also mean increased exposure to asbestos without even realizing it. Asbestos exposure doesn’t always come about from renovations, it can also sneak up in the most hidden ways! If you are concerned your home could contain asbestos, Vancouver asbestos removal is the best way to ensure your home is one hundred percent asbestos-free.

Old Holiday Decorations

As you may know, a lot of old products, including holiday decorations, were made with asbestos. Because asbestos is an excellent insulator and fire resistor, it was used in many old tools, toys, and various other products. If any of your old decorations, especially those passed down from generations are tattered, frayed or worn, it’s important to throw them out or get them tested if they are precious and valuable to you. Having these in your home could expose your pets and loved ones to this harmful substance.

More Time Spent in the Attic

During the holidays, it’s normal to spend more time in the basement or attic moving boxes and bringing them up to the main area of the home. Aside from breathing in potentially harmful material from old decorations, you could also be exposed to asbestos from dust or worn out, exposed insulation containing asbestos. If your home was built in the 70’s, it’s important to conduct an asbestos test or call in the experts from BC Green.

Hanging Decorations Along the Roof

In older homes built during the 70’s, asbestos was used as a fire-resistant, insulating material. The time spent on the roof installing holiday lights and decorations could expose you to the harmful material. You could breathe in any exposed parts of the roof or broken shingles. It could also cling onto your clothes, allowing it to be transferred to the inside of your home and putting your family and guests at risk.

If you are concerned that any part of your home could contain asbestos, get in touch with the experts at BC Green for Vancouver asbestos removal. We will arrive at your home to perform the appropriate tests and set up a day to safely remove the asbestos.