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Mold- Free Home: Mold Removal Services

In Health Canada’s view, indoor mold growth poses a severe health risk. Fungi can grow on the surfaces of houses and other structures, and that is what mold is. Damp environments and a mouldy home can lead to symptoms of respiratory allergies and aggravate asthma in mold-sensitive people. Our extensive industry experience means we can treat your deadly mold problem with ease. If you are still seeking mold removal services, you’ve come to the right place. 

Symptoms Of Drastic Effects 

Symptoms and signs of a mold allergy are the same as those associated with other types of upper respiratory allergies. In addition to allergic rhinitis, mold allergies can cause the following symptoms:

  • You are sneezing
  • Cold symptoms such as the runny nose or stuffy nose
  • Symptoms of coughing and postnasal drip
  • A scratchy throat, nose, and eyes
  • A watery eye
  • Scaly, dry skin


What Are The Signs That You Have Mold In Your home?

Mold growth can be masked. It is crucial to inspect any wet area for mold growth, especially if there has been any water damage. Mould can grow behind walls and above ceiling tiles. Conduct a visual inspection. If you notice leaks, dampness, flooding, or musty odors in the area, have them fixed right away. You need to act immediately. If no action is taken, mold will begin to develop. The mold that has already formed must be removed.

Black Mold: What Exactly Is It?

Numerous mold species (a kind of fungus) that appear black or dark green is called “black mold.”. One such species is Stachybotrys chartarum

Mold does not have a harmful impact on most people’s health. People who are allergic to mold may experience allergic reactions if they are exposed to it. When this occurs, their lives are very unpleasant. If people with chronic health problems are exposed to mold, they are more likely to develop major health problems.

Expert Assistance

If you have moisture or mold problems in your house, it might be worth getting some advice from BC Green. It is to your maximum benefit to having moisture and mold issues examined by a professional with vast knowledge.