Powerful Demolition Machines

24 Nov 2017 Asbestos

Powerful Demolition Machines

Demolition in itself is a form of art; to destroy something that was once a fixture that may have been an integral part of an individual’s life so that there is room for new creativity and stature to be built. It is also important to be aware that some issues may crop up during the renovation or inspection process.  A residential or commercial building demolition does not only require knowledge of what proper equipment may be needed, but also, modern and powerful demolition machines to do the job. One of the issues may have something to deal with asbestos.Here are a few examples of what one might expect at a demolition site:




Dozers, or bulldozers, are used mainly for the movement of waste and debris at the demolition site. This is indeed one of the powerful demolition machines that can easily handle any daunting task. Different sizes are usually on call at the site. At BC Green Construction & Demolition, our demolition team and asbestos abatement experts ensure the safety of the site as well as the workers during debris removal.




While the initial thought one might have about a demolition is the whole building going “BOOM!!” and exploding into a million pieces, the truth is there is a slow and planned out process before any explosion can occur, with one of the steps being the base of the demolition site being cleared and dug out. Excavators help with this by being able to quickly and efficiently work the parameters needed as well as decrease the manual labour usually deemed necessary without access to the machine. Indeed, worthy to be in the list of powerful demolition machines.




Universally known and recognized as a construction machine, cranes are important to demolition sites due to their adaptability and multi-usage possibilities available. From the movement of construction items across the site to helping with the actual demolition with a wrecking ball, grapples, or pulveriser attachments, the uses that cranes have helps to increase productivity around the site and get the job done as quickly as possible.



These are just a few examples of the powerful demolition machines in our sites.  Experience and knowledge regarding the best way to approach a demolition project is key to efficiently and safely getting the job done, and BC Green Demolition and Construction is proud to be leading experts in the industry. For more information regarding our process or other services, please feel free to contact our team!