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Protect Your Family from Lead Hazards

12 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family from Lead Hazards

Lead is a chemical that is hazardous to health through repeated exposure. The toxicity usually occurs over a period of months or years, making the severity of lead exposure hardly noticeable before it’s too late. Although, once noticed, the symptoms can be treated. However, the damage it has done in your body is irreversible. This can be a concern if your family is living in a house that was built before 1978. It was only after that year when the use of lead-based materials were regulated by the government.  The house paint used in all houses was the common and major source of lead contamination. These are the 12 simple ways to protect your family from lead hazards, according to www.epa.gov.

• Don’t try to remove lead-based paint yourself.
• Always keep painted surfaces in good condition to minimize deterioration.
• Get your home checked for lead hazards. Find a certified inspector or risk assessor.
• Talk to your landlord about fixing surfaces with peeling or chipping paint.
• Regularly clean floors, window sills, and other surfaces.
• Take precautions to avoid exposure to lead dust when remodeling.
• When renovating, repairing, or painting, hire only certified renovation firms.
• Before buying, renting, or renovating your home, have it checked for lead-based paint.
• Consult your pediatrician about testing your children for lead. She/he can check for lead with a simple blood test.
• Wash children’s hands, bottles, pacifiers, and toys often.
• Make sure children avoid fatty (or high fat) foods and eat nutritious meals high in iron and calcium.
• Remove shoes or wipe soil off shoes before entering your home.

By following these 12 simple ways to protect your family from lead hazards, you can be at peace with yourself  that anyhow, you have taken some preventive measures for the safety and well-being of your loved ones. It’s one way of keeping children away from the source as they are the most vulnerable. Better yet, you can always hire a lead removal professional in Vancouver as they are competent enough to deal with the situation.

At BC Green Construction & Demolition, we understand your concern to protect your family from lead hazards. Thus, we dedicate  a team of lead removal experts who are willing to give you advice and site visits for lead inspection and testing. Lead abatement process should only be done by professionals. Never attempt doing it yourself. You might think you are doing your family a favor but you will just be actually increasing the likelihood of lead exposure. Call us now.