Remove Asbestos Safely

Remove Asbestos Safely

11 Jan 2018 Asbestos

Remove Asbestos Safely

Before doing a renovation, it is important to put in mind that dealing with asbestos issues may come up. This is especially true and common for old houses that have undergone renovation. It is not an issue that you can simply ignore and move on. However, solving this issue needs a qualified asbestos professional. Why? It is common knowledge that asbestos is very dangerous and causes people to get serious diseases.  Asbestos used to seem like an amazing product: It was fire-resistant, an excellent insulator and dirt cheap. So, it was often used when homes were built. For this reason, Canada’ s infrastructure used asbestos from the 1900s before it was clear that asbestos is dangerous to people. However, there is just no easy way to remove asbestos safely. One has to hire an asbestos removal contractor who knows the ins and outs to remove asbestos safely.

The dangers of asbestos was more known in the 1940s and ‘50s.  Consequently, the government banned asbestos from being added to drywall mud in 1986. However, some companies still had asbestos-containing commercial items they wanted to sell. Thus, despite of the ban, some homes built before 1990 still were built with materials containing asbestos. That’s why homes built prior to 1990 need to be teated for asbestos when any renovations, remodelling, or demolition begins. Asbestos can often be found in the following areas of your home.

•    Drywall compound

•    Kitchens

•    Bathrooms

•    Basements

•    Ceilings

•    Flooring

•    Doors and windows

•    Decks

•    Exterior siding

•    Roofs and attics

In addition, asbestos was often mixed with other materials, which makes it difficult to find asbestos. For this reason, only experts should handle any fibres in order to prevent issues from arising and make it a safe experience for homeowners. Asbestos leads to mesothelioma, and asbestos-related diseases are continuing to rise, especially for people living or working in environments that contain asbestos. Oftentimes, it can take up to 20-40 years for diseases caused by asbestos to arise and for individuals to begin showing symptoms. Always keep in mind that you should be careful for asbestos before renovations or demolition.

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