Residential Demolition Vancouver

A very large majority of the homes built before the 70’s were built with asbestos, and it is vital for anyone living in an older home to inquire about when it was built and have it checked for asbestos. It is vital for it to be completely removed, and all contaminated materials disposed of properly as living with this material on a daily basis can cause a wide range of health problems overtime, allergies and respiratory problems being the more mild negative effects.

The environment you live in with your family, kids, and pets should be the safest, and come first. It all starts with the very foundation of your home, needing to be pure and clean of these harmful materials. This is why our highly trained and experienced team will get the job done efficiently and up to the highest regulations and healths standards so you won’t have to worry about the health of the people you love most.

BC Green Construction & Demolition offers  residential asbestos removal Vancouver, demolition and hazardous waste disposal services for residential properties. At BC Green we know how to safely dispose of this highly hazardous material, following all Safe Work Practices for Handling Asbestos in order to keep your family safe, as well as our on-site crew members. Our entire team is committed to always working together to ensure your home is kept in good condition, and that every single crew member on-site is following proper safety procedures and working up to the highest level standard.


Why Should You Choose BC Green for asbestos removal & demolition?

Our team works hard to provide you with:

  • The completely and safe disposal of asbestos and other toxic materials.
  • A thorough cleanup post-asbestos-removal to ensure a clean, healthy space for your family and pets.
  • The peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are living in a healthy home, and breathing clean air that is safe to inhale.
  • Residential property demolition.
  • Industry experts who are always ready to help with extensive knowledge and experience, and further inform you how to protect your family from the harmful effects of asbestos should you come into contact with it again in another location.
  • A team that will make sure the job is completed exceeding industry standards as defined by WorkSafe BC.
  • Genuine care and attention towards ensuring your space is left even cleaner than you left it, fully ventilated from the cleaning procedures and toxic-free

Contact us  if you have any questions, inquiries, or would like to schedule a consultation with us for a full inspection of your home.


Why Us?

BC Green is a demolition company offering construction demolition services in all Vancouver Area. We proud ourselves to bring efficient, responsive and innovative solutions to our clients. We have many years of experience in health, building and infrastructure industries around the world and in Canada.