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Unbelievable asbestos facts

25 Jan 2018 Asbestos

Asbestos is a well known as a dangerous material now, and although we try to remove it and cleanse our homes and work spaces, it can still be found in the most unsuspecting of places. Asbestos was often used when houses are built in the 1940s and ‘50s, because it was cheap, useful and fire resistant. Everybody knows this asbestos fact, but there are asbestos facts which you may have never heard of, and would be great to educate yourself on!

Asbestos may hide in places and items close to us and our children. Here are 5 places where asbestos might be hiding.

Bowling Balls

Children, as well as adults, like to go bowling, and bowling has been loved by everyone for many years. But, do you know people once included asbestos in bowling balls? When we roll the bowling ball, we enter our fingers into the holes on the bowling ball. If the ball is old, it might has asbestos inside, asbestos is released into the outside by our fingers, and then we may inhale the asbestos. For sure, most bowling balls are not made with asbestos lately, but you should be careful when you use an old bowling ball, which may include asbestos.

Talcum Powder

Many people in the world use talcum powder when they make products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others. Talcum powder is as dangerous as asbestos because it causes mesothelioma, lung and ovarian cancers, just like asbestos.


Children love drawing pictures with crayons, and a lot of children at kindergartens usually use crayons, however, currently asbestos was found in crayons and other children’s toys, which are licensed. As a result, some retailers gathered these products. You should be mindful when allowing your children to use crayons and always do your research on which companies have been found to include asbestos in their crayons.

Books and Book Bindings

Books are an incredible source of information and a lot of people are known to have vastly large collections. Having said that, the binding of books in the mid-1900s used asbestos, due to asbestos’ fire resistant properties. Please be careful, especially for early book editions or if you are a collector of antique, early edition books.

Modelling Clay

Recently, Asbestos was discovered in modelling cray. Modelling cray has undisturbed asbestos, which is not as dangerous as airborne asbestos. However, it is extremely dangerous if children put the modelling cray in their mouth. The children may have asbestos in the lungs, but the symptoms might not appear in 20 to 50 years.

If you need would like to know more about how to keep you and your family safe from asbestos, or seek asbestos removal from experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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