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5 Ways to Test for Lead Paint – Lead Paint Removal Vancouver

15 Mar 2021 Lead

Are you worried that your home or business requires lead paint removal Vancouver? If you’re thinking that your property is contaminated with lead, the first sign will point to the year it was built. If your property was built before 1978, chances are it might contain lead in one form or another.

What should you do about it? If you suspect your home or business is contaminated, here are 5 ways to find out so you can take the appropriate next steps in dealing with this toxic substance.

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Have the Paint Inspected

A proper paint inspection will let you know if and how much lead is in each painted surface inside the structure. It’s important to invest in this if you’re purchasing a new property, signing a lease or planning to renovate. Although this might not tell you the specifics, it will tell you how much lead is contained within ever painted surface.

Have a Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a type of review that will inform you if the levels of lead within your property pose significant health risks you should be concerned about. peeling paint and lead dust could be incredibly toxic, so to safeguard your family, pets or employees, it’s important to consider this service.

Buy a Home Test Kit

Home tests are a simple and inexpensive method of pinpointing whether or not you have lead paint in your home. Although they don’t tell you how much lead is in the painted surfaces inside your home like a risk assessment does, you’ll at least know about its presence. You can go to your local hardware or paint store to buy one of these kits or of course, order online.

Lab Tests

A lab test will be much more in-depth and provide you with detailed information regarding where the lead is, how much of it there is and whether or not the levels present pose significant health risks. Search around for a lab in your area to find out about how tests and sampling is performed, especially during the pandemic.

Licensed Lead Paint Removal Vancouver Services

You can invest in paint removal Vancouver services for a turn-key process from start to finish. Our professionals can visit your home for a consultation as well as to collect a sample. We will then send it over to a trusted lab and contact you with the results. If there is lead present in your home, we will work with you to establish a schedule that works for you, so we can remove it from your property and ensure you have a safe, clean space to live and work in.

If you’re ready to get started, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.