Asbestos Awareness: 5 Facts About the Dangerous Material

There was a certain period of time between the 1930s and 1980s, where asbestos was hailed a miracle material. Until its hazardous properties were discovered and asbestos abatement became a popular service, it was widely used in construction and a variety of other products.

From children’s toys, makeup and Christmas ornaments to automotive parts, clothing and construction, it was used anywhere and everywhere.

As one of the main causes of workplace-related deaths, asbestos should be taken very seriously. With firefighters, miners and people in other professions where exposure is at high-risk, it shouldn’t be underrated.

Asbestos is Natural, Not Manmade

One important thing to note that many people don’t know is that asbestos is not a synthetic or toxic manmade material, it’s naturally occurring on our planet. Asbestos doesn’t refer to one single type, but rather, to a group of 6 different types.

When Inhaled, Asbestos is Highly Dangerous

When asbestos is disturbed or something containing it is moved, it releases small fibres into the air which are then susceptible to being inhaled. Inhaling these fibres is what is dangerous, as they are tiny enough to enter your lungs and settle inside them. When inside, they create tiny cuts and wounds, creating scar tissue and leading to a whole host of health problems like lung cancer known as asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

It’s Common For Asbestos-Related Health Problems To Go Unnoticed

Asbestos-related conditions go unnoticed and only show up years later, sometimes up to 30 years after exposure. This means that all this time, the person may have been enduring significant damage without even knowing it.

The UK is The World’s Most Affected Country

England is full of old buildings, and it used to be the world’s biggest asbestos importer. For this reason, it suffers the most asbestos-related deaths, even years after the ban. Because so many people during the 50s until the 1999 ban were exposed to it, symptoms are now beginning to show up.

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