The Benefits of Hiring Demolition Contractors Vancouver

Summer is just around the corner and maybe you are thinking of doing a considerable renovation of your home, Or perhaps you have just discovered that your house has a problem with asbestos. Regardless of the reason, you should look for demolition contractors Vancouver as the first step of residence renewal or maintenance.

While it seems obvious that you need demolition contractors for doing a big renovation in your home, it doesn’t seem as obvious that we may need special demolition contractors Vancouver in order to know if asbestos is a problem in your home improvement project.


Did you know that asbestos is a mineral that can be found inside of homes, buildings or apartment units either on the walls or floors? Furthermore, it is well known that asbestos could be dangerous for you or your tenants’ health, but where does it come from? This mineral is a result of the construction history before the 90s where it was used by the industry due to its insulation and fireproof advantages.
Accordingly to Canadian history, the construction industry used asbestos in different materials such as cement, plaster, building insulation systems, floor and ceiling tiles among others. So there is a possibility that your house or apartment has this mineral in the walls or roof if it was built between the ’30s and ’60s. The only way that this mineral becomes hazardous, however, is when it is airborne like dust, which happens during renovations or demolitions, most often unknowingly.
Nowadays, there are plenty of safe ways to get rid of this mineral and as one of the greenest demolition contractor Vancouver, we strongly recommend that if you are planning on renovating your home, always seek professional advice that can treat your renewal with the best approach. Now that we have a quick view of asbestos, let’s check which are the benefits of hiring a demolition contractor Vancouver besides the expertise on this mineral.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Contractor

  • They will acknowledge if there is any risk of asbestos
  • They can handle different sizes of demolition
  • They will follow industry standards
  • Maximizing the safety of your family
  • Securing a safe and healthy future in your home
  • The peace of mind in knowing your home is safe to live, sleep and breathe in

At BC Green Construction & Demolition, we ensure every single project we take on receives the best outcome. We focus on being green and as a demolition itself is a waste creator, we are committed to carrying out our work as green as possible to reduce environmental impact. We are incredibly proud of our approach and the technology we utilize in ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Get in touch with our team of demolition contractors Vancouver to get started on your next project before summer rolls around, so you can relax on during your time off and know that the time your kids spend at home during their summer vacation is spent safely.

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Benefits of Hiring Demolition Professionals

With a span of time, we can see the devastating changes in the construction industry. Some years earlier most of the construction work done by human hands, which requires a lot of effort and includes so much hard work. But now, many new machines are being introduced in the market on a daily basis which helps to reduce the risk and efforts of the people. The demolition services are a part of the construction industry and for that demolition professionals are being hired. 

The demolition work is not an easy task for the people. While doing the demolition of house, office, clubs and any other property, the workers have to work very carefully. About 90 percent of homes asbestos are available in roofs, walls, carpet, etc. which is very dangerous for the human body.

Asbestos is a term referring to six naturally occurring silicate materials, which grow as veins within a mesomorphic rock. These veins are composed of long thin crystals made up of various fibers. These fibers contain many microscopic fibrils and if any of these fibrils got disturbed it can release in the atmosphere which causes many health-related problems.

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The following points will discuss the benefits of hiring professionals for demolition services:

  • Follows the regulations:

Construction and demolition have various rules and regulations made by the Governments. Most of the reputable demolition companies have a license, experienced workers and provide necessary training to their workers to make ensure that the project complies with all federal and provincial government rules and regulations. Following government rules can be more important when your demolition projects evolve hazardous material which can affect the life of natural habitat. Hiring demolition professionals for work can save the environment because of their certified work equipment.

  • Best safety standards:

The demolition job is not easy work, it includes many health-related risks. The risk for injury is much higher for inexperienced people than for trained demolition teams. When you give demolition work to the experienced workers which protect yourself from injury and have surety that your project is safe. The safety standards can provide you peace of mind and ensure that your project will be completed on time. In Vancouver, the proper hazard waste disposal is very important by following the rules and regulations of city of vancouver

  • More Efficient methods:

Many individuals who try to do demolition on their own must rely on handmade tools like hammers, chainsaws and other tools for their home projects. Sometimes people met serious accidents while they do their own demolition works because they do not have the proper equipment. A professional demolition worker can take down the whole any type of structure from the roof to the foundation as effective as possible.

  • Small Process:

The demolition process time depends on the size of the project. If you hire a professional demolition company the process can take a few days rather than weeks. The quick demolition means to build and renovating rapidly which results completed your work before time. The shorter process is more beneficial to those areas like Vancouver where the weather has quick changeable patterns results delay in construction. For example, in Vancouver, most of the buildings are constructed in the summer season because there is no rain, no snow just nice hot and warm weather which allows workers to work on their construction sites.

Asbestos removal is a serious business and is best left to the professionals. So, it is good to hire professionals than to try to remove asbestos on our own. Professionals are highly experienced and have the knowledge to handle all the situations. Also, if any organization will hire professionals then this will also increase the company’s reputation in the market. Therefore, hiring an asbestos removal professional is always beneficial. 

If you have any questions please contact BC Green Construction and Demolition.