The Effects Of House Demolition On Your Home Strategy


The Effects Of House Demolition On Your Home Strategy

We provide free inspections and quotes for home demolitions as a pioneer house demolition company. 

House Demolition

Would it be heartbreaking to let go of your old house or super exciting to get a new one? The deconstruction of a sweet home involves a lot of constructive decision-making and planning. Among all of Canada’s cities, Vancouver is a super liveable city. It’s time to let a house demolition company Vancouver handle your sweet home. 

Do house demolitions cost a lot?

A few factors will determine how much it will cost you to demolish your home. There are several things to consider when determining if the property could be salvaged. These include the size, the materials, accessibility, and if anything is salvageable from the premises. The most accurate cost or quote will be given after a site inspection is conducted. Call BC Green Demolitions for an inspection and quote regarding your demolition project. 

What is the typical demolition time?

As an example, imagine that you have a mansion with a 10 acre yard filled with so many tiny houses for horses. Is it possible to complete it in one day? No way! Depending on the site size and what is to be salvaged or retained, the demolition of an entire house will usually take one to two days after all permits and approvals have been obtained.

Demolition of houses: a basic overview

  • Were permits obtained?

Our demolition services in Vancouver can assist you with obtaining the necessary permits from local authorities in advance of any demolition work starting. 

  • Cutting off utilities 

If you need your utilities disconnected prior to work commencing, we can communicate with the utility companies on your behalf. Before tearing down any structure, it is crucial to ensure that the gas and electricity supplies are turned off

  • Maintaining the safety of you and others

Every project we undertake is accompanied by a comprehensive safety plan and schedule of works to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations. Keeping your neighbours in safe zones is our responsibility. 

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal 

The removal and disposal of hazardous materials will be done in a safe, environmentally responsible manner if hazardous materials are present on the site or if they are discovered during our survey.

What do we stand for?

We provide a full and comprehensive commercial, domestic, industrial, and residential demolition service across Greater Vancouver while focusing on delivering the highest quality customer service and communication. 

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