Hazard Waste Disposal Vancouver

Hazardous waste disposal Vancouver is an extremely important and risky job that requires trained professionals and experts in the industry. The disposal of hazardous waste is required after demolition or property remodelling by homeowners and business proprietors because of the strict regulations surrounding disposal.

Don’t risk your health, the health of your family or the health of our environment. Our trained team handles all toxic asbestos waste by carefully sealing it, labelling it, and organizing appropriate transport to specially designated landfills by assigned authorities. This is vital in ensuring all strict regulations are being followed whether it comes to handling asbestos or other toxic materials found in your commercial, municipal or residential property. The highly strict and specific guidelines regarding bagging, sealing off, disposing dangerous asbestos materials must be followed in order to not disturb your home and the environment. This is to ensure the material stays contained and does not get inhaled by your family or anyone else unaware of how to handle asbestos properly.

We are committed to working efficiently and thoroughly following all Safe Work Practices for Handling Asbestos in order to keep your family and our crew members safe. Our hazardous waste disposal practices are efficient, safe, and cost effective without compromising the quality of our work. Our team is dedicated to providing you with reliable hazardous waste disposal Vancouver services, and taking all of the necessary precautions in protecting, improving and caring for our environment.

How can BC Green Construction & Demolition help?

  • By ensuring the full health and safety of your family by disposing of highly toxic materials properly.
  • Keeping the environment safe by following all strict rules and regulations regarding asbestos disposal.
  • By providing you with the information and knowledge you need to keep your family safe from future asbestos exposure.
  • By ensuring all materials are properly gathered, collected and sent out for testing to labs.

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