Common Warning Signs of a Mold Problem

Mold is a type of fungi and unfortunately, most of it is not the good kind and often requires mold removal Vancouver. While some of it is completely harmless, other types of mold require immediate professional attention as it can be incredibly toxic.

Mold grows both indoors and outdoors in warm, damp and humid environments. The most common types of household molds are often found lurking in bathrooms, basements, carpet, under sinks and inside drywall. Any dark, warm and humid places are the perfect spots for it.

Most people don’t realize they have a mold problem, unfortunately as it can be hard to know what to look for. Let’s take a look at some common warning signs that you have a mold problem.

Mold Warning Signs

  • Allergies – watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and rashes
  • Visible manifestation: dark, circular blotches on walls and ceilings
  • Moldy, mildewy smell – although not all types of mold produce an unpleasant smell, others produce a musty odor that’s difficult to miss.
  • Food goes bad quickly – if your food goes bad quickly, it might be a sign that there is an unusually high number of mold spores floating around in the air.
  • Leakages – if you recently had a leak or a neighbour’s pipe leaked into your home, you’re at a high-risk of developing mold.
  • Health symptoms – allergy or asthma flare-ups are a sign that there are mold spores in your home.

Health-Related Warning Signs

Most importantly, let’s take a look at some of the health-related symptoms you might experience if you have a mold problem. These are important to take seriously as they can seriously affect your family, pets and your employees if this issue is at the workplace. In any case, consulting with experts in mold removal Vancouver is critical if you notice any of these symptoms.

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Frequent allergy flare-ups
  • Sinus headaches
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Irritated, itchy skin
  • Rashes

Still not sure? If you want to have your home inspected or tested, please get in touch with us for mold removal Vancouver, we would be happy to help you bring the safety and health of your home back.