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There are several situations in the home that often open up the way for mold to come in. Leaking pipes, roofs can make the water trapped in a dark, airtight ceiling. Once a poorly ventilated, dark and damp area is found in the house, mold can surely start to grow. Like any other fungi or bacteria,  you should not do the removal of mold from your beautiful Vancouver yourself. Always make sure call for help from  mold abatement professionals as they got the proper techniques, tools and training to safely solve the problem.

Mold organisms have always existed but they go unnoticed in the early centuries because they didn’t seem to be of a problem at home. As a matter of fact, not all species of molds are toxic to humans.

The problem of toxic mold invasions to homes and other commercial buildings started when new building codes were put in place in the 1970s to mitigate the worldwide energy crisis. These codes aim to make buildings a little compact and airtight to conserve energy. Unbeknownst to many, that solving the energy problem gives way to the mold removal problem in many of the homes in Vancouver.

As we all know, mold loves moist and dark places. So, the buildings constructed from 1970 onwards are actually a perfect environment for mold to thrive. Even today, buildings and houses oftentimes encounter mold infestation when one part of the house does not have enough air flow and sunlight – an ideal place for mold organisms to flourish.

This is the last thing every homeowner would want to deal with – because of the waste of time, money and effort in getting rid of the mold. At, BC Green Construction & Demolition, we do everything for you. We make sure every step of the way is properly taken care of, from start to finish.

Along with providing mold testing and inspection of your home in Vancouver, we will also give you recommendations to prevent condensation, high humidity, poor ventilation, leaking and flood prevention in your home. If these situations can be prevented, mold problem can unlikely happen.

Call us today for a free estimate of our mold removal service. We guarantee full customer satisfaction as it has always been our passion to make our customers happy and safe.

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