Squamish Asbestos Removal


When your home is contaminated with asbestos, it’s critical to find a reliable company offering asbestos removal Squamish. BC Green Construction & Demolition specializes in asbestos removal for residential, commercial and public properties. Serving our beloved community, we are proud to be helping minimize our clients’ exposure to this harmful mineral. We strictly work in compliance with the strictest government standards, rules and regulations.

At BC Green we always take into consideration the impact our work has on the environment. Our company’s asbestos removal Squamish services comply with all provincial, municipal and local regulations. We handle all disposal operations of contaminated materials with the utmost care, proving our expertise along the way. This is critical as any contaminated materials transported without care could become dangerous for the surrounding community. We have in-depth, thoroughly tried and tested methods of disposal to ensure rural and urban areas remain non-affected.

Our certified and licensed team goes through an intensive training process in testing, remediation and asbestos abatement. With our passion for keeping our fellow neighbours and residents safe, our workmanship and commitment to health remain unmatched.

What is asbestos and what makes it so dangerous?

Asbestos is a mineral that, nearly 40 years ago, was proven to be heat and fire-resistant. This made it incredibly popular in construction projects and in the manufacturing of various household products. It was often woven into fabrics and other insulating materials as a way to keep homes safe from fires up until the 1980’s.

Similar to mold, asbestos can create trigger adverse health conditions, most often causing asbestosis (a kind of lung cancer) years after heavy exposure. After establishing its many dangers, it was banned from use. This doesn’t mean it has been completely eradicated from use, however, as it still exists in buildings built before the 80’s. If you suspect your home in Squamish is contaminated with asbestos, it’s vital to schedule an inspection immediately, for the health of your family. We will visit you on-site to assess the state of your insulation, ceiling tiles, flooring and piping, as that’s where asbestos most commonly hides.

Through our sincere dedication to our offering our clients the safest services, BC Green has become an established leader in asbestos removal Squamish.