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Potential sources of asbestos in the home

If you suspect asbestos in your home, it is often not just confined to one space. It is important to get a home inspection before beginning any DIY renovation projects if your home was built before 1980. The key with asbestos is to make sure that it isn’t disturbed, but that’s not possible if you don’t know where it is. It is important to be aware of the potential sources of asbestos in the home. We have put together a list of places that asbestos may be to help you before your renovation.

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keep your family safe from asbestos

How to Keep Your Family Safe From Asbestos – BC Green Construction & Demolition

27 Feb 2019 Uncategorized

From the 1940’s to the 1980’s, asbestos was widely used to fireproof certain products, and in the insulation of buildings and car parts. Since then, many cities and property owners have taken initiative to demolish asbestos-containing buildings for the safety of residents, and replace insulation with safer materials. Although this is a significant step forward in order to keep your family safe from asbestos, there are still many products and buildings that contain asbestos. 

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Asbestos health effects

Asbestos and health  

We all know Asbestos causes devastating diseases like Asbestosis or Mesothelioma, a very aggressive type of cancer. People who worked with this type of material are generally more prone to suffer from these diseases, as well as their relatives who have been exposed to this through their clothing. Mesothelioma remains the top occupational cancer in Canada and around the world because asbestos was used in many ways over the past century.

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Asbestos Abatement Vancouver

Asbestos Abatement Vancouver

Fortunately today in many countries we know how dangerous asbestos is, but currently other countries continue to produce, export and use it. On the other hand, in the countries where it has been banned, we have still found some products with this dangerous mineral.

In the US, where it is prohibited, the first cases of lung cancer have already occurred among the personnel who participated in the rescue of the 9/11 attacks, due to the spraying of 1000 tons of this material used to build the Twin Towers in 1968.

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The Asbestos Dumping Problem

Unlicensed and careless individuals continue to put their own lives and the lives of others in jeopardy by failing to take the adequate steps to prevent both the exposure to and spread of asbestos fibres. The illegal dumping of asbestos has become a big problem, irresponsible parties neglect to safely dispose of the hazardous materials such as asbestos containing drywall, and other materials. Improper disposal of these hazardous materials proves problematic for the environment and puts people at risk of serious health problems.

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Vancouver asbestos removal

The History of Asbestos – Vancouver Asbestos Removal

31 May 2018 Asbestos

The history of asbestos dates all the way back to the middle ages, when it was used for fireproofing a variety of materials. Today, you can rely on BC Green Construction and Demolition for save Vancouver asbestos removal for residential, commercial and strata properties.

Due to its incredible fireproofing properties, asbestos became essential to insulating homes during the 1940’s. It was also used in industries like the automotive industry, chemical industries and construction. After it became known that it had harmful effects to health, it stopped being used. This is why currently, old buildings from the 1940’s all over the country are being cleaned from asbestos due to its toxic and harmful properties.

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Vancouver Asbestos Removal: Asbestos Substitute Materials

10 May 2018 Asbestos

Vancouver asbestos removal is being heavily performed as asbestos is still being discovered in old buildings in America and Canada, but have you ever wondered about the replacement material used in place of it? It has to be entirely non-toxic, and safe to use in residential homes, as well as commercial and strata buildings.

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