Commercial Demolition Vancouver

If you are in need of Vancouver commercial demolition or asbestos removal, consider contacting us. We provide asbestos removal, demolition and hazardous waste disposalservices for commercial properties ranging from office buildings, retail stores, and schools all the way to clinics and warehouses.

Commercial properties are used heavily on a daily basis by business professionals, employees and customers. It is imperative that buildings where the average person spends up to nine hours a day are safe, with clean, with fresh air not contaminated by asbestos or other hazardous materials, as this can very negatively affect their health.

We will safely discard the asbestos and various hazardous and contaminated materials in compliance with all official regulations and up to the highest health standards. We follow (as determined by WorkSafeBC) all Safe Work Practices for Handling Asbestos thoroughly and are dedicated to keeping your health at an optimum, as well as the health and safety of every crew member that takes part in the process.

Asbestos is an incredibly dangerous material that, if inhaled, can lead to serious health issues. Our team’s job is to always look out for not only the health and safety of those inhabiting the space we are servicing, but also look out for each other. We always ensure every single team member is following industry standards and carrying out procedures with the utmost care and attention.

Our commercial services provide you with:

  • The safe disposal of asbestos and other toxic materials.
  • A thorough cleanup post-asbestos-removal to ensure a clean, healthy space.
  • The peace of mind knowing that your employees are safe, and breathing clean air.
  • The demolition of a wide variety of commercial spaces.
  • Industry experts who are always ready to help with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • A team that will make sure the job is completed exceeding industry standards as defined by WorkSafe BC.

Contact our demolition contractors to ask us any questions you may have about Vancouver commercial demolition or schedule a consultation.


Why Us?

BC Green is a demolition company offering construction demolition services in all Vancouver Area. We proud ourselves to bring efficient, responsive and innovative solutions to our clients. We have many years of experience in health, building and infrastructure industries around the world and in Canada.